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*New Artist* D-Man – Back To The Future: Return To The Past (Mixtape)

Download Here

Ok ok ok, I know I know, you're already like "man that cover is cheesy" but here me out on this one. D-Man, hailing from Massachusetts, is really an MC worth checking out. I was surprised when D hit me up on Twitter tooting his own horn about this mixtape. First off, I get a ton of artists hitting me up via Twitter, Email etc that all claim that "I won't be let down" by their mixtape. My first reaction is almost always "Yes I will" then I quickly get back to checking my emails (I know I'm an asshole). For some reason, maybe due to D-Man's relentlessness, I went ahead and download "Back To The Future". Pleasantly surprised!

This mixtape is a little more lengthy then I like, especially from new artists, but the guy has a flow that really switches up and keeps things interesting. I'm not gonna say that the whole mixtape is bangin' but I will say that a few tracks (about 7) really stick out to me (a high number in the mixtape game). I've included "In The Zone" and "An Average Day" below that are a few of my favorites. One thing I have to say about the guy is that he has the lyrics and flow to really last in this game, I just hope he doesn't continue to do the typical "rap over beats already rapped over" mixtapes. If he strays away from doing those and keep the tracklist down to a max of maybe 15, with all original production, I think we will have an MC that really shines in his own light. With all that said, this is definitely a mixtape you should download. If you're still up against the wall, go ahead and listen to the two tracks below, you won't be disappointed. There are more bangaz like these on the mixtape.

D-Man - In The Zone

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D-Man - An Average Day (feat. Melissa Suzanne)

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Danny "D-Man" Goncalves, is one of the best rising stars of the new up and coming class of MC's in both the Massachusetts area and beyond. Born in Dorchester, Boston, but raised in Brockton MA, D-Man lived through situations that would break most people. "My pops was murdered when I was 14, thoughout my childhood I was poor and livin in the ghetto on almost every government program, my mom dukes had cancer, we got kicked out of our home, all my boys were gettin' killed or locked up...it was a crazy enviroment, but instead of succumbin' to it, I picked up my pen & pad and started WRITING about it..." So through all the trials and tribulations of his life grew his passion for rapping. "I started rappin' when I was 10. I was always that lil' shorty rappin' for his boys, or rappin' for the older people, hell I was battlin' people twice my age and givin' them the business!" says D-Man. With his gift florishing incredibly, he began to feel restricted by using only the instrumentals he would find on the Internet and on beat tapes, so he decided to make his own. "I started producing when I was 13 and man I was TERRIBLE!!! So bad, but I never stopped practicing and each day I got a lil' better to the point where I am today." Today he is both an established MC and producer, producing hits for many local artists and a few known talents across the country, but he always claims he is a "rapper 1st, rapper 2nd & producer 3rd".


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  • Makin It said:

    "Average Day" sounds real good. Downloading. Honest review so i get it.


  • Cool Kat said:

    Just downloaded the mixtape and WTF?!!!! How could you say you didn't think this whole mixtape was a banger?! THIS IS CRAZY!!! One of the best mixtapes I've heard in a WHIIIIIILE! Props to D-Man for creatin' a banger like this, hope to hear more from dude in the future.


    Steve P. ----- Reply: June 16th, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    I aint say it was terrible bruh. I just said the whole thing aint a complete play-through. I agree though, can't wait to hear more from D-Man in the future, his flow is crazy.


    Steve P. ----- Reply: June 16th, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    I'm guessing we aint gonna get a "Like" from you huh? LOL.


  • Family Affair said:

    hot shit family


  • californiahiphoplover said:

    Wow, this mixtape is incredible. You're right, he does have the flow and he certainly has the lyrics to last in this game. His lyrics are incredible with many double sometimes even triple meanings! He reminds me A LOT of Lupe Fiasco and thats saying something because I thought that Lupe was hands down the best lyricist out and no one would be able to touch him...he might have some competition w/ this dude SALUTE!


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