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Sammy Sosa As A White Guy?! Hilarious!!


Am I high or did somebody around the office spike the water cooler with a mickey? Wow. If you don't laugh your ass off at these pics then you don't have a funny bone in your body. Even though this isn't a joke at all maaaaan, how hilarious!

Either he has a serious case of the Wayans Brothers White Girls syndrome or he fell into a big ass tub of Middle Aged White Guy circa 1973. Either way it goes, those steroids do some strange mutant things to your body. Keep your eyes on the lookout for the strange after-effects of steroids on Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco. I'm guessing next up is *Mark McGwire transformed as Popeye (finally!) and Jose Conseco as Wendy Williams. Zing! :) "How you doin?!"

Check out the original and True story here >>

*Mark McGwire:

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