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DJ Drama Take Off Your Hat!

DJ Drama was part of round table discussion on CNN, Black Men In The Age Of Obama, which aired Nov 1st. If you guys didn't get a chance to watch it check out a few of the segments below (Gotta love YouTube!). Along with this being a great topic to discuss I couldn't help but notice how out of place DJ Drama seemed to be. I know people (ahem!) who were watching this CNN special, ready to throw more fuel in the fire that is 'hip hop haters' after seeing how DJ Drama was dressed. Now, don't get me wrong he spoke very well..but in a room full of suits and business professionals and scholars, is it that necessary to keep your street clothes on? We all know you are one of the most well known DJ's of recent time (and thats it) but man represent hip hop like it should be represented.

While the fingers being pointed, who decided on DJ Drama to represent the hip hop community? Wasn't his house raided by the Fed's a few years back for racketeering? Someone should of told him to take his damn hat off, and while he was at it throw on a suit. I'm sure he has the money, since that's never a issue in hip hop right? Hey call me old school but I thought we could of sent someone in his place who was better equipped for the job, I'm just sayin'. We should of sent Gucci Mane....Its all love. LMAO

Side note: Is it just me or did it look like DJ Drama wanted to burp so bad? Forward to 2:40 in first video. lol. I've included a few of the more interesting topics which were in discussion below.

The African American Family:

Excellence and Education:

Crime and Community:

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  • Get It said:

    I don't get why he couldn't just put on a suit


    oppie ----- Reply: November 9th, 2009 at 1:55 am

    Right. It wouldn't of been that hard to do. Still doin mixtapes aint he?



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