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Jamie Foxx rips on Plies! Audio inside.

So reluctant to post anything about this guy, seriously. I thought this was worthy enough to be in discussion though. Considering all the so-called 'street-cred' Plies claims to have, it sure doesn't say much when he ducks out of a situation to avoid 'goonin' up' with real goons.

Jamie Foxx discusses a video shoot he had with Plies where he almost saves Plies from getting jumped. Listen to the audio below:

What happened to all that goon talk?! Did Jamie Foxx save the day or what? Comment below.

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  • Isia said:

    Man what a coon. Really got exposed on that one. Funny and sad that people actually believe that he's who he says he is.


    Plies is dope ----- Reply: October 30th, 2009 at 12:58 am

    you know im kiddin right? haha



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