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Most Ghetto American Idol Auditions Ever!*

By Jerry Barrow via urbandaily.com

It’s that time of year again when Simon, Paula and Randy get to strap bombs to the pride of hundreds of wannabe entertainers and send their self-esteem hurling through the air in bits and pieces to the delight of the American TV audience. But it’s not all their fault!

Over the years “American Idol” has featured some auditions that ranged from bizarre to just awful. The five clips below are what happen when you lie to your relatives. You know Ray Ray can’t sang!

Aven Moore

This dude swore he could hold a note but all the judges did was hold their noses.

Monique Gibson and Christopher Baker

Friends don’t let friends dress themselves for national TV…and get the song wrong.

Brandon Black

Pimp down, pimp down…waaay down.

BONUS: Naw, he wasn’t really on American Idol. This just made me laugh.

Eli Porter

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