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New Camp Lo + NMC EP-Download and Listen

Camp Lo, in association with the NMC and Loud.com, launched their brand new EP. You can check out the songs below, each one made specifically for the six sites that are part of the NMC. Contestants were given clues and had to unscramble the meaning of the word “Lumdi,” the single Camp Lo recently released. To give some clarity, the meaning is this: “Cash Feels Like a Fem’s Touch.”

Download the entire Camp Lo + NMC EP with all the official artwork, mp3’s and credits here.

The production credits on this project:

All Songs recorded at The FunHouse by Apple Juice Kid.
All Songs mixed and mastered by Skaz at Flavor Fruit Studios.
Concept for contest: John Public
Camp Lo management: kristi@astientertainment.com

1.) 2 Dope Boyz (prod. by Apple Juice Kid)

2.) OnSmash (prod. by Smoking Apples)

3.) Xclusive Zone feat. Jungle Boogie Brown (prod. by Smoking Apples w/ Matt Brandau on bass)

4.) Nah Right (prod. by Apple Juice Kid)

5.) Da Jaz feat. Naja (prod. by Smoking Apples)

6.) Your Heard That New (prod. by Grindhouse – Ski & Apple Juice Kid)

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