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Behind The Scenes-Get to know the Obama camp

I'm sure many that support Barack have been getting their email inbox filled with some of the newsletters that are sent out periodically. I try to read them every time I get them. I rarely click the links and watch the videos, but the with a subject line that reads "Who is Barack Obama?" I couldn't help myself. I think we all should take a look at the video and realize that we are really in support of a great cause and a great family and circle of people.

The video is a little long (15min roughly) but its a great glimpse that we rarely get to see of our headline politicians. If you don't watch the whole thing just forward it to 9:05 and see Barack make a joke about his daughter Malia and her Ipod playlist; Barack is a funny guy. I get goose bumps right before he walks out to the stage towards the end. This video puts things in perspective a little more of just how important this up coming election will be.

McCain's video would probably be mostly of him taking his afternoon naps, eating pudding, and attempting to send an email through a fax machine. hahaha I kid, I kid! Please watch the behind the scenes video below, and remember to get out and vote Nov 4th.

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