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Fashion – NDEUR–Custom Pumps


ow you can step your feet into wearable art by Parisian artist Mathieu Missiaen. Mathieu, under his company NDEUR, decorates leather pumps with unique designs and patterns handcrafted from oil-based paints. Although there are standard designs to his work, each pair is uniquely one of a kind as they are handmade. Also available is commission based work. NDEUR shoes can be viewed as serving a dual purpose as not only a fashion statement but a work of art.

The NDEUR shoe concept was born in May 2007. Prior to this, Mathieu was based in Paris working as a graphic artist. He came to Toronto, Canada in order to improve his English and as a result of Mathieu’s creative talent an opportunity arose that has been developed into what NDEUR is today. The owner of a local Toronto indie clothing shop, that provides exposure to unknown artists, was exposed to Mathieu’s work. He was then commissioned to paint the exterior of the shop. After learning more about Mathieu’s many talents and seeing further potential for NDEUR, she encouraged him to explore the concept of customizing women’s vintage shoes. The result was the beginning of a new and exciting concept.

Within four months, NDEUR’s customized shoe concept had gained the popularity and demand that has pushed the company into international markets. The shoes have been featured in numerous international design based magazines throughout the world. NDEUR’s online shoe sales along with retail points of sale have shown substantial international demand and growth ranging from the US, UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Austrailia and Brazil, among many others.

Mathieu under NDEUR has most recently collaborated with Fiat, Vans, Coltessse.com and Dein-Design as well as Peter Gatien’s newest club Circa in Toronto, Canada.


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